An imaginary journey into the legendary city of Byzantium, present Istanbul, among its sumptuous palaces illuminated by reflections of gold and precious stones and pervaded by fragrances from the rarest flowers and most precious resins. The imperial Byzantium court has always been considered an inexhaustible source of inspiration for palatial decoration, mosaics, and precious jewels, as well as for spreading the most ancient techniques of perfumery and exclusive beauty rituals throughout the West.

The fragrance

A dreamy and precious fragrance. Rose, in its rarest and most mysterious form, is caressed by the warm notes of Labdanum to give rise to an enthralling and multifaceted aroma, like a precious Byzantine mosaic.  


BLACK ROSA and LABDANUM The darkest and most mysterious of the flower queens, Black Rose, and Labdanum, an aromatic resin used for millennia in the preparation of perfumes and unguents, give rise to a vanilla, flowery, and gourmand fragrance.

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