The Lotus Flower has always enthralled Eastern culture for its peculiarity of immersing its roots in the ground, stretching out onto the surface of stagnant water, emerging from it beautiful and immaculate. Its exhilarating fragrance caresses the senses, giving a pleasant sense of wellbeing that will linger on skin and in the mind for a long time.

The fragrance

Intensely aromatic and intriguing, the Lotus Flower perfume caresses the senses with its soft, warm notes ensuring a sense of pleasant wellbeing.


LOTUS FLOWER and SHEA Rich in amino acids flavonoids, the Lotus flower is known and used in cosmetics for its antioxidative properties. The Shea is a tree that lives exclusively in Africa from which Shea Butter is obtained, long known and used by African women as an incomparable beauty secret for its soothing and hydrating properties.

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