Forest Therapy

The regenerating power of Nature

The Forest Bathing, literally "Bath in the Forest", is a Japanese wellness ritual that involves a regenerating immersion in the forests to assimilate all the benefits in a pure and uncontaminated environment.
It has been shown that spending time outdoors, in the forests and woods, helps awaken our senses, removes stress and strengthens the immune system.

The fragrance

A unisex fragrance, with woody and citrus notes, specially designed to instill the feeling of well-being of a peaceful walk in a green and lush forest.

The perfume has been enriched with a particular aromatic accord that reproduces the beneficial effects of the essential oils released by the trees, the phytoncides, to give an immediate sense of calm and relaxation.


It is one of Japan's five sacred trees, a symbol of purity and healing and has been used for centuries to build temples and shrines. Its scent, with citrus and woody notes, has calming and relaxing properties.

Native to Asia, the water lily has been considered a symbol of rebirth since ancient times. It is widely used in oriental beauty rituals for its soothing and moisturizing properties.

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