Since antiquity, fire has always had an extremely important function in man’s magical and religious cults. From east to west, fire didn’t only represent a means to illuminate rooms but played a leading role in sacred rituals.
Candles arrived after many years of religious or propitiatory cults and rituals, but since their invention, they have enchanted man both for their spiritual value, and their simple but mysterious beauty, which cloaks them in mystery.



The flame that wavers at the slightest breath of wind, always straightens up. It therefore becomes the very image of ethereal life, of the spiritual flame that rises towards Heaven” // G.Bachelard.

The candle represents fire, but in reality, all four elements symbolically flow together in a burning candles: the flame that burns represents Fire; the smoke and warm air put in motion by the flame represent Air; the liquid wax around the wax represents Water; and the solid wax body represents Earth.

In sacred rituals and ceremonies, candles are lit to establish a link with the divine, as if constituting an opening between the visible and invisible, which across through the flame,  shines onto both the physical and astral planes.
The candle represents the spirit while the flame symbols the man addresses to God, the universe, or any other entity they turn to.


The magic of candles is also connected to their colour, as the meaning they possess varies considerably depending on the hue. The colours are connected to the energy the candle emits and different hues are used in accordance with the ritual they are to be put in.